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The services

Board and Executive team advisory services

These services are offered in the same manner as resilience services below. Please read T&C's alongside this page. 

Reviews of John's first book

"It went straight to my heart"

"An inspiration"

John's lunch and learn sessions: "Heartfelt, truthful and inspirational, the hour spent listening to John's story not only touched me personally but gave me hope and optimism for the future" Douglas McDonald Facilities Manager 

 I have learned a great deal from John’s leadership and his coaching, and correspondingly John has consistently always lead his teams by example.  


I am not only lucky but extremely privileged to have been mentored by John and proud to also call him a friend who is available for all sorts of advice. Guillermo Casado Regional HSE and Carbon Lead 

"Whether in war or peace; bull or bear cycle; in cloud-nine or down in death valley - John is someone I would love to have at my side any day. he has been through it all. He keeps you anchored and at the same time helps you navigate the path to your "North Star" performance level with certainty and gratitude" Shamrendra Singh General Manager & Managing Director at Cheiron Energy

Mental wellbeing

At cost or free if online


No charge meeting to be clear on:

  • Your company goals

  • The level of support in your company for such mental health programs (Board/executive management or other)

  • Audience

  • My proposed material and session flow

  • JSRL Charges


Typical lunch and learn face to face or remote (1 to 1.5 hours)

  • Pre-read short presentation sent to attendees

  • Estimated forty minutes my story

  • Q&A session

  • as many participants as you see fit face to face/online or combination of.


Fire side chats are designed for a smaller number of participants, usually no more than 12 persons and should be conducted face to face.

Typical fire side chat (anything up to four hours)

  • Pre-read short presentation sent to attendees

  • Estimated one hour talk through my story

  • Round table of experience with mental health issues (home or work)

  • Facilitated discussion on the participants work and their impact

  • The facilitated discussion can go many ways and aims to allow participants to discuss (if comfortable) themselves and/or their impact and needs for the future in the arena of mental health and leadership.


Leading from within

No charge meeting to be clear on (materials can be sent after the call and confidentiality agreements signed if required)

  • Your company goals for the concerned leaders

  • How many leaders are to be coached/trained.

  • The level in the company at which the leaders are employed today

  • Your company current leadership development programs

  • Your company values on leadership/code of ethics

  • Coaching locations

  • Multiple or individual coaching sessions (one on one is the most effective).


This will be followed by a proposal from JSRL Advisory

JSRL Advisory Company, individual and 360 degree culture and leadership survey tools ready to deploy.


Bespoke leadership workshops  based on client needs focused on self awareness, emotional intelligence and impact on others.

Base workshop and JSRL Advisory developed 360 degree survey ready to go.

Cost for two day workshop (also se T&C's) to be provided



For all services that fall under resilience the offer is as follows:

No charge introductory/framing session online to be clear on:

  • The service the client requires, articulated by the client

  • If known, the number of days required (if not this will be proposed in the JSRL Advisory proposal)

  • Any existing programs or systems that exist towards execution of the service such as company management systems.

  • Company values set out in documents such as code of ethics or another equivalent document.

  • John Slater’s view based on the call on requirements


If required JSRL Advisory shall submit a proposal based on the framing session which may be divided between fact finding and execution.

Resilience and senior level team advisory services are charged at the following rates:

Hourly rate TBA

Day rate TBA

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