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Is the leadership  experience developed to enable future and current leaders to know themselves, and to be passionate, human and adventurous leaders. The program can stand alone or be molded to be part of a wider leadership offer, including accelerated leadership development and national staff development.

Who should attend 
The next generation of leaders and current leaders looking to better understand themselves. It is will equip your next generations of leaders with a deep understanding of self, to prepare them to move forward as successful confident individuals who inspire those around them. 

Business sectors it applies to
Whilst John's experience lies extensively in the hazardous industry space, this experience is developed to deliver benefits and life changing thinking processes to all sectors. 

Why is this course unique?

Delivers a blended understanding of self and impact on others, with a strong focus on knowing yourself. John's personal life journey has given a unique perspective on leadership in business/industry. There is nothing normal about this experience. 

John is willing to discuss risk based results fees, that afe only charged in full when you see the results. 

How is it delivered?
A 2 day experience, or a series of 4 x 4 hour sessions. 

The 360 degree survey
Ideally attendees would undertake a 360 degree survey developed by JSRL Advisory prior to attending. The cultural survey can also be used at company level to assess company culture.

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