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JS R&L Mission Statement

A startup business with a social and environmental conscience

A business created after life changing experiences leading to the moTto of Passion and Humanity

Developing the human and passionate leaders of the future

Leaders who will enable people of diversity to thrive 

Companies who understand the importance of protecting mental health 

Working with like minded companies


JS R&L Advisory Ltd was set up by John and is dedicated to making a difference in people's lives through the work of the company as well as through the social and environmental causes that will benefit from the success of the company. 

The service offerings have been developed to make a difference in people's lives at work and out of work. 

As the company gains work and grows, so will the capability of the company to benefit more social and environmental causes.
Where possible the social conscience will start on the job, involving others to benefit from the planning and execution of work as part of a wider education. . 
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