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JS Resilience & Leadership Advisory

Speak to me please on at cost initial sessions/training.

Reduced costs for educators and charities


To work closely at an advisory level with companies whose senior most leadership truly aim to support safe, healthy and contented people, a company culture of care, respect and trust, a positive local and global environmental impact, alongside excellence in business performance and efficiency. He is happy working at head offices down through field level.


Integrity is at the center in John’s offer, delivering on commitments on time and to agreed quality standards in line with the values set out in the company ESG Policy.  

"John is a human, passionate, adventurous leader who enables, supports, inspires and energises those around him to act decisively and to deliver results. His experience and manner, together with his inclusive approach to valuing others expertise, enables him to deliver solutions to a  broad range of resilience and leadership challenges.

I have worked with John in three different organisations in which he continually exceeded expectations. I am delighted to recommend him.


Jim Dewar

Ex Group CFO and current Independent Non Executive Director"


After twenty years in leadership roles and thirty seven years in industry John has delivered consistent business improvement through getting the basics right. Post cancer and recovery from acute depression John will dedicate the rest of his career enabling companies and leaders, future and present, to lead with humanity and passion giving unique and personal insight into a leaders impact on those around, including their impacts positive and negative on mental health.

The pillars of JSRL Advisory (Interconnected offers)

Resilient Leaders 









Accelerated nationalisation

EI 360 degree


Resilient Companies

Resilient leaders







Get the basics right


Senior advisory

Culture survey

M&A, Performance turn around

Mental Health & work






Zero Stigma


Lunch and learn

Fire side chats

Awareness training

Adventurous leadership

  • 37 years in the energy industry

  • 20 years in senior roles improving performance

  • 2 published books on mental health well being

  • Advising boards and executive management on resilience

  • Developed and led successful leadership programs

  • Helping leaders emerge and flourish

  • Nationalisation and competence development programs

  • Operating in cost constrained environments

  • M&A in multiple countries

  • Led responses to global resilience challenges

  • Skills easily transferred across industries and business

  • Clear and honest - the hard truth

"Whether in war or peace; bull or bear cycle; in cloud-nine or down in death valley - John is someone I would love to have at my side any day. he has been through it all. He keeps you anchored and at the same time helps you navigate the path to your "North Star" performance level with certainty and gratitude" Shamrendra Singh General Manager & Managing Director at Cheiron Energy

Mentor to future and current leaders having led and mentored teams across the globe, from multiple nationalities as well as an investigator of major incidents and fatalities in multiple jurisdictions.

Volunteering beach clean ups

passionate, ADVENTUROUS and human LEADERS

John brings his personal passion and quest for adventure to his leadership coaching, encouraging leaders to step away from their comfort zones into spaces where they get to know themselves better and can grow. Many times in his career he has stepped into challenging spaces and takes this adventure into his personal life where he has been diving with tiger sharks, has been a personal protection officer in Colombia South America and is a keen runner and wild camper. 

"Heartfelt, truthful and inspirational, the hour spent listening to John's story not only touched me personally but gave me hope and optimism for the future" Douglas McDonald Facilities Manager 

He has authored two books on his personal experience with depression and anxiety, the experience of which has had a profound impact on his understanding of himself as well as the impact of leaders on the culture of their organisation and on the people in their teams. 

Music Sharks and Mountains the book cover
Advising boards and executive teams (ESG/HSSE focus)

John has sat on and advised boards and executive and senior leadership teams since 2004, the positions held being described on his competence page. he is comfortable in this space, bringing his years of experience to assist in developing forward sustainable strategies and tackling areas where performance turn around is required, or simply assisting in the ongoing growth of your company and leaders and company culture. He has operated in challenging and cost constrained environments over much of his career and is able to advise on cost effective solutions to your business and organisation resilience and leadership challenges. 

John is a consumate professional who was a pleasure to work with in trying conditions. He left behind a legacy of systems, processes and people that continue to to deliver best in industry HSE Performance. He is passionate about his craft and this helped him win the hearts and minds of a new operation and set them on the path to success Bruce Webb, NED and Executive specialising in complex, global high risk organisations

Sing Through It the book
SE London Chamber of commerce ad picture

Through thorough risk analysis and resilience planning he has helped companies to continue to operate through localised disasters to global crises such as 9/11, the spread of ISIL and global extremist terrorism as well as COVID 19. In addition he has managed restructuring of organisations through recession and the ups and downs of the oil price and in bull and bear markets. His areas of experience are focused on ESG/HSSE

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